As a stay-at-home-mom with a blended family of six children, I had to learn how to stretch the dollar!  It was nearly impossible to have the beautiful home I wanted unless I created it myself.  So I started doing just that.  I began by painting furniture and transforming home decor to make the look I wanted on a budget!  
Now that my youngest two girls are 12 and 14, it allowed me the opportunity to spread my wings a little and add to the household income.  
Most of what you see at New Creations are second hand treasures curated and remade to create a new up-to-date look, with a little bit of vintage and antique mixed in.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  

Image of New Creations



Visit our renovated 5,000 square foot barn converted into a unique “Main Street” style retail shopping destination.  Located in Maine between York and Oqunquit at 1300 US Route 1.  Each Boutique is specially curated to allow for a one stop shopping experience. Our customers are offered the finest choice of unique home decor and furnishings, jewelry and apparel, books, baby gifts, specialty paints, wall coverings and workshops.